Terms and conditions

As of August 2019

Terms and conditions (German: AGB) of the private Studienkolleg Vladi in Karlsruhe

The following contractual conditions apply to the training contract between the course participant and the private Studienkolleg “Vladi” in Karlsruhe (hereinafter referred to as the private Studienkolleg “Vladi” or PSV):

§ 1. purpose of the courses

The PSV prepares course participants intensively for the external assessment test (hereinafter referred to as FSP). After completing our preparatory course, course participants can take the FSP in Cologne. Those course participants who successfully pass the FSP receive an FSP certificate recognised throughout Germany. With the certificate, course participants may apply for a study place at any university in Germany.

§ 2. content, duration, scope and location of the courses

M- and T-courses are offered:

  • The T-course prepares students for a course of study in science and technology,
  • The M course prepares course participants for a course of study in medicine, biology and pharmacy.

The contents of the courses are in accordance with the regulations of the local administration of Cologne.

The courses start twice a year in February and August. A course lasts 21 weeks including a one-week holiday period. Classes are usually held from Monday to Saturday. The duration of the course is planned in such a way that subsequent participation in the FSP is possible in principle. The registration for the FSP in Cologne is left to the participants themselves. The duration of the course can be adjusted if necessary, the content of the course remains unaffected.

Classes are taking place online. They are held live via Skype.

§ 3. booking conditions of the course

The booking of the corresponding course is done digitally by filling out the registration form. At the end of the registration form you will find these terms and conditions, the cancellation policy and the data protection declaration. These documents must be read, understood and accepted by the course participants:

AGB read and accepted

Cancellation policy read and accepted

Privacy policy read and accepted

The following documents must be uploaded in addition to credentials:

  • Proof of knowledge of German (at least B1 certificate)
  • Copy of secondary school leaving certificate
  • passport copy

The invoice must be paid in full by the end of the 7-day period at the latest. After receipt of all course fees (including registration fee), the participant will receive the certificate of admission to the corresponding course by e-mail.

§ 4. conclusion of contract

The course booking represents a binding offer by the interested party to conclude a training contract. After registration, the course participant will receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail that the registration for the course has been received by PSV and will be processed within five working days. After the documents have been processed, the offer is either accepted or rejected and the interested party is informed about decision per e-mail. If the offer is accepted, the students will receive an e-mail confirming the booking with the invoice attached.

§ 5. tuition fees

The tuition fees must be paid within 7 days of receipt of the invoice. The entire amount, including all bank fees, is to be paid on the following account of the private Studienkolleg “Vladi”:

Recipient: Privates Studienkolleg Vladi in Karlsruhe

Bank: Sparkasse Karlsruhe

IBAN: DE43 6605 0101 1022 0584 22


Reference: Name of course participant, course name (T or M course), semester (WS – for winter semester, SS – for summer semester) and year. (Example: Max Mustermann, T-course SS 2023).

In some cases, the private Studienkolleg “Vladi” offers payment by installments. In this case, the total amount is increased compared to a full price. In case of payment in 2 installments the course fee increases by 200€.
The period of payment in installments is agreed between the student and the private Studienkolleg “Vladi” individually. The student has the right to pay the full amount (but then the increased installment amount) in part or in total at any time before the expiration of the agreed period. The certificate of admission will be issued only after the course fees have been paid in full.

§ 6. deregistration from the course

Deregistration from the course is done by e-mail and is possible within 2 weeks after receipt of the invoice. In case of a timely cancellation, the registration fee is due in full. The course fee will be waived.

§ 7. duties of the private Studienkolleg “Vladi

The PSV undertakes to ensure that

  • the syllabus is adhered to;
  • the knowledge necessary to achieve the purpose of the course is imparted;
  • in the event of the absence of a lecturer, substitution or catch-up lessons are provided;
  • only those lecturers who are qualified to do so on the basis of their training and professional experience are appointed;
  • the necessary equipment is provided;
  • provide participants with the learning materials required for the course.

§ 8. duties of the course participants

The course participants commit themselves,

  • to pay the course fees according to § 5 in full and in due time;
  • to participate regularly in the course and to constantly strive to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills as well as to conscientiously fulfill the tasks assigned to him/her and to contribute to his/her individual success;
  • to follow the instructions of the teaching staff.
  • not to disturb the teaching;
  • to attend the class regularly. If the student is prevented from attending, he/she have to unsubscribe from the respective teacher.
  • not to disseminate discriminatory or radical ideas.

Learning success cannot be guaranteed and depends on the student’s performance and basic knowledge.

Copyright also prohibits the recording of classes and the distribution of teaching materials. Violations of this rule will result in warnings and fines.

§ 9. Repetition of the course

Students may be offered a repetition of the course in the following semester, provided that the conditions described below are met. For this purpose, the student should register for the desired course using the registration form. This will incur a fee of 500€.

The repetition of the course can only be offered if:
– the respective course takes place in the following semester.
– the student attends classes regularly (absences below 25%).
– the student participates actively in class, follows the teacher’s instructions and always completes the homework.
– the teachers unanimously decide in a teacher’s conference that the student may repeat the course.

§ 10. other reasons for de-registration


If the student’s absenteeism exceeds 30%, the private college “Vladi” reserves the right to de-register the student. If the student is late for the class, only the started class (45 minutes) will be considered as missed.

Payment of tuition fees

Non-payment of tuition fees will result in de-registration.
Untruthful self-declaration during admission/enrollment

If the student has given untruthful information, or even submitted incomplete or falsified documents with the application, the private study college “Vladi” reserves the right of immediate de-registration.

Violation of copyrights

Students are forbidden to record the lessons as well as to distribute the teaching materials to third parties. Violation of this rule will result in immediate de-registration and possible fines for copyright infringement.

A refund of the course fees remains excluded in case of de-registration due to misconduct (§10 and §11).

§ 11. data protection

The personal data that the PSV receives from the course participants through the website, by e-mail or in any other way (see Privacy Policy for further details), are generally only used for the conclusion of the training contract and the participation in the booked course. PSV uses this data only internally. All PSV employees are instructed to keep personal data confidential. The PSV attaches great importance to the consistent protection of personal data. The personal data of the course participants will not be transferred to third parties, except for the cases when such transfer is explicitly requested by the course participants concerned (e.g. for extended services). PSV will disclose the data to the state authorities only if PSV is obliged to do so by law.

The rights of the course participant to

  • free information about the origin, recipient and purpose of your stored personal data,
  • the correction or deletion of this data,
  • the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority
  • remain unaffected.

For further questions on the subject of data protection, please read our privacy policy. Alternatively, you can contact us at any time at the address given in the imprint.

§ 12 Effectiveness

The training contract is effective according to German law and is binding for both parties after acceptance of the contract. The contract is valid thereafter without signature and seal.

If one or more regulations of our general terms and conditions should be ineffective, this does not entail the ineffectiveness of the entire contract. The ineffective regulation will be replaced by the relevant legal regulation.