Registration form

1. fill in the registration form online (see below).

2. upload the following documents:

  • your school report
  • recent certificate of German language as PDF
  • passport copy

3. transfer the registration fee of 300€.

Here are our bank details:

Recipient: Privates Studienkolleg Vladi in Karlsruhe

Bank: Sparkasse Karlsruhe

IBAN: DE43 6605 0101 1022 0584 22


Reference: first name surname T-course WS 2019

4. wait for an e-mail with the registration confirmation and invoice for the course fee.

As soon as your documents and registration fee (300€) have arrived, you will receive a confirmation and the invoice with course fees.

5. transfer the course fee: T-course 2.700,00€; M-course 3.000,00€; W-course 2.700,00€

Once the course fees have been received, the course booking is fully completed and your place in our Studienkolleg is secured.

After you have booked a course with us and paid for it in full, we will send you the certificate of admission that you need for your visa application or visa extension.


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